Dog Ear Cropping

Ear Cropping and

Ear Trimming

are major surgical procedures—when done correctly by an experienced,

licensed veterinary surgeon

in a hospital environment, are as safe and humane as any other elective surgical procedure.

In this office the surgery is usually performed between 8—16 weeks of age which varies with different breeds, as the pet's safety and health are of major concern to our staff.

Dr. Patel has a vast knowledge of
breed confirmation,
meticulous surgical skills and has the artistic abilities of a plastic surgeon. Dr. Patel is adamant in keeping our patients comfortable, safe and healthy before, during and after Ear Cropping or Ear Trimming.

Our after-care program is very easy for patient and owner, with a high level of comfort for our patient.

Patient Safety and Comfort During the Ear Cropping Process

As safety precautions, Dr. Patel always recommends a Pre-Operative Blood Panel before general anesthetic to evaluate the pet's internal organs and also recommends Continuous Intravenous Fluids given during the anesthetic and surgical procedure.

Most importantly, we recommend pain medications be administered during the surgical recovery and post operatively to keep our patients comfortable.

When these safety and comfort items are applied,

Ear Cropping and Ear Trimming surgeries

are no more inhumane, harmful or traumatic than any other type of general surgery.

Ear Cropping and Ear Trimming can be viewed as aesthetic, cosmetic surgery with definite medical advantages. All the properly performed procedures outlined in this article, create the Safe and Humane environment done in this office.

Dr. Patel has been performing Ear Cropping and Ear Trimming procedures since 1986. He has fine tuned the procedure, as well as patient comfort, both during and after surgery, for a positive outcome.

Our clients come from all over California and Nevada. A number of Great Danes that we have performed the Ear Trimming procedure have won several championships in various dog shows, both in Regional and National Dog Shows.
ear trim, Great Dane
"Thank you, once again, for the wonderful recrop you did on our puppy, 'Behr'. She looks so much better now! 'She' posted on her blog right after she got her ears out of the initial taping. Now, it is read by a world wide audience. Thank you again for your kind treatment and wonderful recrop. We will recommend you without hesitation."
—Holly (and Behr Behr: "THANK YOU, Dr. Jayani! You restored my dignity and made me beautiful again!")
Great Dane Ear Crop